Short and sweet though in the political arena this week. I’ve heard several folks say that “Donald Trump isn’t “your” president”.  Well, as of January 20tgh, 2017 he is.  If you don’t like it there are 195 other counties in the world, feel free to move.

Sorry, had to get that off my chest.

What a glorious week it has been in the Bulldog Nation.  After huge, and much needed win over the 8th ranked Auburn Tigers last week it was if the clouds opened up and the sun was able to shine down on the house of Potts.

The last time a UGA team defeated a top 10 ranked opponent was in 2014. Guess who that was against? Yup, the Auburn Tigers.  Talk about a slump buster when you need one.

It’s going to be nice to see those black jersey’s this week. At the start of the season we all laughed when we were notified that they would be wearing them against Louisiana Lafayette.  We all thought, why not save them against a team that means something. Well, we all know how Georgia responds after a huge win,  remember Nichols anyone?  This may be the game we need that extra “pick me up” the most.

A win this week and against rival Georgia Tech would go a long way for the faithful that wear the red and black. It wasn’t just a few weeks ago we though we may not even have a shot to play in a bowl game.  Now here we sit with a chance to finish with 9 wins and a lot of momentum heading into the offseason.

The thing that we have to ask ourselves is, have we gotten better? Well, just look at that defense.  The team is young and with a few more additions to the team, and a new offensive line, this team looks ready and able to take over the 2018 season.

It doesn’t hurt that the National Championship will be played in Atlanta that year. Can you image how annoying the Bulldog Nation would be is destiny steps in?

Here’s an interesting fact.  Think of all the great UGA running backs throughout history.  Sony Michel is only 141 yards away from passing Willie McClendon for 10th on Georgia’s career rushing yards list.
Once he does that BOTH (Michel and Chubb)running backs in the 2014 class will be in the top 10 in career rushing yards.

Want to know why Tech never competes for national titles? Well, the answer is recruiting.  But then again, why would anyone want to go Tech?

Coach – no explanation required
Campus – no explanation required
Coeds – no explanation required
Culture – tickle piles and DragonCon
Facilities – metal troughs anyone?
Team Color – somebody peed in the laundry basket
Team Mascot – a not so mighty insect
Team pre-game activity – tickle pile
Team post-game activity – group therapy with lots of crying
Team meal – Varsity chili dogs

Want to know why I don’t talk about the Falcons? Well, they are the Falcons.  They are like taking the hottest girl in school to the prom, that just so happens to be your sister. Yeah, everyone will talk about ya, but you aren’t getting anywhere toward the end of the night.  Well, unless you are an Alabama fan.  I digress.

Speaking of prom, holy cow, I am proud of our local high school football teams.

Almost every single local team that played in round 1 of the playoffs last week ran to victory: Rome, Pepperell, Darlington, Chattooga, Rockmart, Sonoraville, Calhoun, Dalton, North Murray and Cartersville.

Here’s the crazy part, northwest Georgia could be the home of NUMEROUS state championship football teams.  The days of south Georgia ruling the roost is over!  I honestly think Cartersville, Calhoun and Dalton have the best shot.  I would saw Rome, but they would have to get past that Buford buzzsaw.  Possibly, but highly unlikely.  Same thing for Pepperell and Darlington, both have shots and going pretty deep.  I wish them the best of luck and would love to see it happen!

Last week thanks to upset galore, I went 5-5. Thankfully I called the UGA upset, or I would have been beflow .500 for the first time since I started this in 2006.

For the year I am 74-36 with two weeks left.

#13 USC over UCLA

#9 Oklahoma over #14 West Virginia

Ole Miss over Vandy

#1 Alabama over Chattanooga

#3Michigan over Indiana

#19 Tennessee over Mizzu

#10 Colorado over Washington State

Virginia over Georgia Tech

#2 Ohio State over Michigan

Georgia over La Lafeyette

#16 LSU over #23 Florida