So now that the college football season is over, well for all but two, we have we learned the past few months.

First off, we learned that the teams we thought were the best in September are in fact the best teams in January.

We keep telling ourselves that the Bama train can’t run forever. But all its doing is getting stronger. That’s a damn shame for the rest of college football.  Hey, but it CAN’T last forever.

The National Championship game should be fun.  I can’t recall a rematch for the title in my lifetime. Not many teams ever gets a second chance, but Clemson has been eyeing this one for a full year.  I think the Tigers will take the Tide this time around.

The ACC is the, please excuse me while I gag, best conference in America.

The SEC is right there at number two. The SEC has taken a step back but I have a feeling it will soon regain the thrown as the University of Georgia’s Kirby Smart has taken the recruiting world by storm.

The Big 10 showed that despite being top heavy, the teams still flop come January.  Overrate anyone?

The Big 10 is pretty good. I have a feeling that with Tom Herman at Texas the Longhors and Sooners will battle it out as one of the best games of the year in college football. The Red River Shootout is back!

I think the Falcons have a legitimate shot at the Super Bowl.  The 2 seed keeps them at the Dome for the playoffs up to the NFC title game.   If Dallas fails to make it to the game, and the Falcons do, Atlanta would host the game that could send the team to their 2nd Superbowl appearance.

College basketball is in full swing and it has been a blast to watch.  The good thing about NCAA men’s basketball is that you really never know what will happen.  Georgia drills Georgia Tech at home right before the Yellow Jackets beat North Carolina.  That comes right after Georgia loses to Oakland (Michigan).  What?

March Madness starting early.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year! Here’s to a fantastic 2017!

Oh here’s my 2017 championship predictions.

Major League Baseball – Boston Red Sox

NFL – New England Patriots

NBA  – Golden State Warriors

NHL – Pittsburgh Penguins

NCAA Football- Clemson this week – FSU next season

NCAAA men’s basketball – Baylor Bears

NCAA Women’s basketball – UCONN

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