Where do I begin?

I was once told as a child that the things you love the most will hurt you the most. My how that is true of Georgia football.

Being in a “relationship” with my Dawgs have made me not only go grey, but lose a few strings of hair along the way.

This season really is like having a marriage on the rocks.

You care for each other (here’s looking at you Kirby) but you are unsure of what the future will hold.

Yes, there are friends that say the ex (Whats up down at the U) would have been the better choice to go forward with. But, you know deep down that was never going to go anywhere.

This time it almost feels like there are certain points your other half isn’t giving it full effort (here’s looking at you Nichols).

There was even that date night when all was going right. You held each other’s hands, looked into each other’s eyes and you just knew there was going to be fireworks later that night.  However, on a last second conversation she  said something to just tick you off, and for the rest of the night both of you remain silent (here’s looking at you Tennessee).

Let’s not forget that fight where you knew it was going to be bad. Yes, you should care more, but at the end of the day you know it’d just be a waste of time to put much thought on it (Hey Mississippi).

After all it stated great didn’t it?  Yeah, the early conversations had its up and downs, but it’s the first date and after all, it went well enough to have faith that she might actually be special (North Carolina, talking about you here).

So the question is, as the story of our relationship progresses, where do we go.  We can’t call it quits. Remember those vows we took, “till death do us part”?  We can’t cheat on her with an ex (Mark Richt, I see what you are doing down there) can we?

I mean we have really put a lot of time in this relationship. Heck, my entire closet is full of your stuff. If I just tossed it out I wouldn’t have anything else.

I was there during your hardest moment (Gosh that 2012 SEC Title game still stings). I was also there at one of your most proud moments (thinking about that 2002 SEC ring).

I guess what I am saying is that I am not ready to give up. I knew going into this thing that it would have its ups and downs. I knew that there would be fights, and sometime sexier choices (Alabama I notice you over there).  But I refuse to quit on you. I refuse to jump ship and spend a Saturday night at another’s house (Sanford, there’s nothing like you).

Let’s hope after this little break (off week) we can come back stronger and happier together.
I’m here for the long haul.  When I took those vows years ago I meant what I said when I promised to love no other.

Just please let’s stop these fights (and losses) before I really do end up getting divorced.


Potts’ Picks!

Last week I took a step back and went 6-4, thus dropping my yearly numbers to 48-22.

Ole Miss over LSU

Ohio State over Penn State

Kentucky over Mississippi State

Houston over SMU

Arkansas over Auburn

Alabama over Texas AM

Louisville over NC State

Michigan over Illinois

West Virginia over TCU

Washington over Oregon State


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