People used to get all upset on national signing day when kids would sit at a table with a few baseball caps in front of them. I remember hearing ‘what an ego’ or ‘this is a shame that a high school kid gets on national TV just to announce what college he is going to’.

Then the kids started using props. Remember Isaiah Crowell’s bulldog puppy? All of this for a ‘commitment’ . All of this came in the beginning of February as coaches and fans patiently waited by the fax machine.

As Pee Wee used to say, ‘today’s magical word is commitment’.

Now these big time high school stars are beginning to commit earlier and earlier. Fan bases watch and pay good money to see what school their favorite ‘future start’ will visit.

Kids now have to name a top 10, then narrow it down to a top 5, and so on and so forth.

All this is fine and dandy if a ‘commitment’ meant something to these kids.

I am so sick of watching players ‘commit’ then decommit, then recommit, then decommit. Forgive me If I am wrong, but I thought a ‘commitment’ meant something. I guess this is the direction of our society.

For years I watched my grandparents pledge their commitment to each other. For over sixty years the couple showed each other love and passion without the thought of sharing it with someone else.

Now a ‘commitment’ means I will show you these things as long as something better doesn’t come around. It’s a shame.

I guess that is the reason I waited until I was 30 years-old before I got married. I have watched couple after couple divorce and remarry, only to divorce and remarry again. What is wrong with the world?

Does it cost these kids anything to wait? Be sure? I don’t think so. Take your time, visit the college’s you like. Then wait until it’s TRULY time to make your COMMITMENT.

At the end of the day when we used to talk about the ‘ego’s’ of the hat, at least these kids did things the write way and stuck by their word. By their COMMITMENT.

Maybe if we as a society learn what the word truly should mean, we would be a lot better place.

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Potts’ Picks BOWL STYLE!

Heading in I am 106 for 156 on the year!

  • New Mexico Bowl: Arizona over New Mexico
  • Las Vegas Bowl: Utah over BYU
  • Camellia Bowl: Appy State over Ohio
  • Cure Bowl: Georgia State over San Jose St.
  • New Oreleans Bowl: Arkansas St. over Louisiana Tech
  • Miami Beach Bowl: Western Kentucky over South Florida
  • Potato Bowl: Akron over Utah St
  • Boca Raton Bowl: Temple over Toledo
  • Poinsettia Bowl: Boise St. over. Northern Illinois
  • GoDaddy Bowl: Georgia Southern over Bowling Green
  • Bahamas Bowl: Middle Tenn. St. over Western Michigan
  • Hawai’i Bowl: San Diego St. over Cincinnati