What do we really know after two months of the college football season?
The biggest shocker has to be Utah. Despite winning some really big games, here’s looking at you Alabama, over the past few years, ‘insiders’ keep leaving them out off of the top. We all looked at them when they escaped Michigan with a smirk week one. Then as they reeled off win after win, they traveled to Oregon. Everyone knew that this was a loss for the Utes. However, after a 62-20 win they really opened a lot of eyes. Now rolling into Southern Cal this weekend, they have knocked off every team they have played. With a very favorite schedule remaining, the Utes could be the only team left undefeated at the end of the year. As matter of fact, I think that will happen.
However, a close second, is Florida. It’s hard to dismiss the one loss team despite the fact I am really now sure how good they are. They barely escaped Kentucky, they barely escaped Tennessee, and who knows about Ole Miss. I had thought the Rebels were the best team in the conference, but Memphis definitely proved that wrong. The loss to LSU showed a lot. They do have a really good defense, but they are having trouble stopping the run. I think we will find out how good, and or bad, either Georgia or Florida is next week. Until then, you have to give the Gators their due. There’s no such thing as an ugly win. Winner goes to Atlanta.
Biggest disappointment? That has to be Georgia Tech. The Jackets are coming off an Orange Bowl victory with virtually the same team. After a 2-0 start the Jackets are having major issues with five straight losses. The bad news for the Buzz is that still ahead on the schedule is FSU, at Miami and Georgia. For the Jackets to continue their bowl streak, 4th longest in the nation, they have to win two of those. Oh, that goes along with b eating Virginia, and Virginia Tech.
Who’s got the best college football record in the state of Georgia this season? That would go to first year program, Kennesaw State University. The Owls are 5-1 and are 2nd in the Big South Conference, which includes well known teams such as Charleston Southern and Coastal Carolina. A win over those two teams this year could do huge things for the program. I would have liked to see them play Tech this year.
Other ramblings: Coach Mark Richt is still the man in Athens. Brian Schottenheimer.. eh maybe not. The Dodgers let Don Mattingly walk.. I’d take him as my coach any day. Apparently Marty McFly traveled back forward in time and stopped the Cubs from reaching their destiny. That’s a shame. Not many baseball teams I despise more than the Mets. By the way, I think they will win the World Series.
Last week I finished a fantastic 9-1. My only loss was Georgia Tech. Go figure. That brings me to 48 for 70 on the year. 69 percent on the season.

  • Houston over UCF
  • Pittsburgh over Syracuse
  • Arkansas over Auburn
  • Alabama over Tennessee
  • Duke over Virginia Tech
  • FSU over Georgia Tech
  • Texas AM over Ole Miss
  • Ohio State ove Rutgers
  • Utah over USC
  • Stanford over Washington

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