A Polk County jury has convicted a 32 year-old Cedartown man, Joseph Leroy Jones for the murder of a missing woman.

The body of Monisha Leath has yet to be found.  She was reported missing in February 2022 following an altercation with Jones.

Testimony from the trial from three of Jones family members indicated that he told them what happened prior to her disappearance.  A witnesses said that the fight between the Leath and Jones began after it was discovered that he had gotten another woman pregnant.  Leath allegedly charged after him with a knife and he knocked the knife out of her hand before choking her to death.

Investigators said that Jones then fled to South Carolina where he was arrested.

During the trail Jones claimed the incident was self-defense but according to  Tallapoosa Circuit District Attorney Jack Browning, “the actions after the incident imply that he did anything other than act in self-defense.”

The jury found Jones guilty of malice murder and aggravated assault.

PREVIOUS April 2022

GBI agents have charged Joseph Leroy Jones, 30 of Cave Spring, with the murder of a missing Polk County woman.

Reports said that Monisha Leath has been missing since February 24th.  Her body has yet to be recovered.

Jones is charged with murder, aggravated assault by strangulation and aggravated stalking. Jones is being held in Thomson on unrelated charges, according to the GBI

PREVIOUS March 2022

Joseph Leroy Jones 30 of Cave Spring, was arrested this week after reports said he attacked his wife in front of their children.

Reports stated that Jones grabbed the arms of his wife before shoving her into a wall.  The action resulted in a picture frame being broken.

Police added that the couple’s three children witnessed the altercation.

Jones is charged with simple battery.