Anthony Jarrod McCoy, 30 of Atlanta, was arrested this week after reports said he conspired with others to sneak drugs into the Floyd County Prison.

Reports said that McCoy and three others attempted to get 32 grams of meth and 257 grams of marijuana inside the prison.

Security cameras showed that a white sedan, driven by Anne Lohshe, placed a bag into a garbage can in front of the Rome-Floyd County Recycling Center.  The bag was retrieved by an offender and in it were the above listed drugs.

McCoy is charged with attempting to gain access to the drugs left behind for the purpose of sneaking it back inside the prison.

McCoy is charged with two counts items prohibited by an inmate, conspiracy to violate Georgia controlled substance act, sale of methamphetamine, distributing a controlled substance and possession of a controlled substance within 1000 feet of a school.