The Floyd County Board of Education voted on Monday to lower its 2023 millage rate from 17.95 mills to 17.70 mills by a vote of 3-2.

Board members voting “yes” on the change was Dr. Melinda Strickland, Danny Waits and Tony Daniel.  Board members voting “no” were Chip Hood and Jay Shell.  

The lowering of the millage rate was the sixth decrease out of the last eight years for Floyd County Schools.

The rate now becomes the lowest for the school system since 2003.

Despite the lower millage rate, residents of Floyd County can expect to see their property taxes increase due to the value of properties.

Shell said that he voted “no” in hopes to keep the rollback rate so that the rates would stay the same and not increase. If that had been approved, the Floyd County Board of Education would have lost about $3 million in revenue.

Board members on Monday also voted to replace its bus wash, which is 34 years-old.   The proposed wash will go at the same location as the current one, which stopped working over a year ago.