According to reports, Georgia Power is seeking to raise its rates for customers.

Georgia Power and the Public Service Commission came to a tentative agreement for a rate hike that could go into effect as soon as June 1st.

The power company said that the raise comes as a result of the increased cost of coal, gas and nuclear fuel that is used in power plants.  

 If approved, the average customer would see an increase of nearly $17 on their utility bills.

“Just as Georgians paid higher prices at the gas pump in 2022, Georgia Power also paid more for the natural gas and other fuels we use to generate electricity, and the company does not earn any profit from these fuel costs,” Georgia Power spokesman John Kraft said late last week.

This increase comes following last December’s $1.8 billion increase that will take place over three years was approved.  Residential customers  saw an average increase of $3.60 from that hike.

In addition to these hikes, customers will likely see additional hikes once Georgia Powers new nuclear power plant being’s operation in May or June, which could add another 3 dollars to monthly bills.

The utility company also agreed to increase its senior citizen discount from $6 to $8, bringing it to $32 per month. The PSC will hold hearings on the proposed agreement early next month and vote on the plan May 16.