Derek LC Reynolds, 33 of Rome, was arrested this week after violating a court order to say away from someone he previously attacked

Reports said that Reynolds went to the victim’s home and began to yell and curse at them while acting in a harassing manner.

Reynolds is charged with aggravated stalking.

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Derek LC Reynolds ,32 of Lindale, was arrested this week after reports said he attacked another person in a home in which he had previously been evicted from.

Police said that after entering the home, Reynolds began to yell obscenities toward the victim. It was at one point in the verbal altercation Reynolds shoved the victim into a small room.   The victim then proceeded to grab Reynolds in an effort to prevent him from being attacked further.  However, while on the ground Reynolds began to hit the victim in the head.

After getting off the ground, Reynolds swung at the victim again.  However, after missing this time, Reynolds nearly hit an older woman in the face. Reynolds is charged with simple assault, battery, criminal trespass and probation violation