An inmate at the Floyd County Jail, Haleem Jibril Robinson, 23 of Rome, is facing new charges after he allegedly attacked beat another inmate in the head.

Reports stated that Robinson used his hands and knees to beat a 31 year-old man in the head.

Robinson is charged with aggravated battery and unlawful acts in a penal institution, both felonies.

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Haleem Jibril Robinson, 23 of Rome, was arrested this week after reports said he kicked the door down to a woman’s home before beating her and pulling a gun on two good Samaritans that tried to help her.

Reports said that Robinson kicked the door in to a woman’s home in Ashland Park before hitting, throwing shoes at and finally grabbing by the hair and dragging her.

Reports added that two neighbors head the commotion and attempted to come to aid of the victim when Robinson pulled a gun on them.

Robinson is charged with aggravated assault, criminal trespass, possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, battery, first degree burglary, two counts aggravated assault and failure to appear.