Demarco Anthony Farmer, 21 of Rome, was arrested this week at a home on Walter Street after he allegedly elbowed an officer in the chest while being detained.

Reports stated that Famer also gave the officer a fake name and date of birth during questioning.

Farmer had been wanted for failing to appear for a court case last November.

Farmer is charged with simple battery against a police officer, felony obstruction, two counts willful obstruction, giving false information to police and failure to appear

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Demarco Anthony Farmer, 20 of Lindale, was arrested this week after a standoff with police at a home on Maple Road.

Reports said that police were called after Farmer allegedly hit a 25 year-old woman in the head numerous times.

Police stated that Farmer refused to come out of the home when they arrived, resulting in SWAT being called.

Farmer later came out and surrounded.

Farmer is charged with battery, obstruction, probation violation and failure to appear.