Jason Brian Harbin, 40 of Rome was arrested this week after reports said he physically attacked a woman in front of three juvenile children.

Reports stated that Harbin “caused bodily harm” to the victim, but did not list details.

Harbin then allegedly hit a man in the head with his fist.

After police arrived Harbin attempted to flee on foot.

Harbin is charged with battery, obstruction, battery family violence and three counts cruelty to children.

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Jason Brian Harbin, 37 of Cartersville, was arrested this week after he was accused of entering a convenience store at 19 Cedartown Street in Cave Spring and stealing $225 fro the cash registger

Police said that the burglary occurred on August 28th.

Police added that this past Monday Harbin entered a building on Fannin Street in Cave Spring in an attempt to hide from police.  He was found inside.

Harbin in charged with first degree burglary, second degree burglary and obstruction of law enforcement.

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Two brothers, Jason Brian Harbin, 37 of Cartersville, and Brandy Dale Harbin, 39 of Cave Spring, were arrested over the weekend after a drunken altercation.

Reports said that Brandy Harbin was under the influence of alcohol when he got into a verbal altercation with Jason at a location on Cedartown Street in Cave Spring.

Brandy told police that he was in fear of being him so he began to act in a “violent tumultuous manor”.

Reports went on to say that Jason threatened his brother with a hatchet.

Jason Harbin is charged with simple assault and disorderly conduct.

Brandy Harbin is charged with simple assault, disorderly conduct and public drunkenness.