Zackary Cody Braden, 37 of Adairsville, was arrested this week after reports said he threatened to kill a 62 year-old man while holding a 2 foot screw driver at a home on New Calhoun Highway.

Reports added that police were called after Braden broke the victim’s window when he threw items at it. He proceeded to spit in the victim’s face .

Reports added that he then spit on his girlfriend three different times before throwing a charger for a drill at her.  The charger struck the woman on the shin.

Braden then proceeded to pull his fist back in a threatening manner toward the victim, placing them in fear of their safety.

The incident occurred in front of a small child.

Braden is charged with aggravated assault, 3rd degree cruelty to children, simple assault, three counts battery, criminal trespass and terroristic threats and acts.