United Way of Rome/Floyd County’s Second Annual Floyd Fights Hunger Event is set for Saturday October 26 from 10-12 am at  Rome High School.  The event engages over 150 local volunteers in assembling shelf-stable meals to be distributed across Floyd County though Journey Food Pantry, Salvation Army and Action Ministries of Rome.

The food comes from Meals of Hope, a nonprofit organization who develops meals specifically designed for the American palate with added vitamins, minerals and proteins to supplement and unbalanced diet.  “We packed 52,740 meals last year,” says Community Events Committee Chair Kelsey Mitchell.

The number was close to 3,000 more than they had set for their goal.

This year, volunteers will pack 60,000 meals, thanks to the efforts of a 9 year-old girl at Johnson Elementary.

Fourth grader Audrey Mitchell gave a speech about Floyd Fights Hunger during her campaign for student council representative. Her speech, posted to social media, caught the attention of Steve Popper, owner of Meals of Hope, who donated an additional 10,000 meals in honor of Audrey and Johnson Elementary.

“Our mission is to alleviate hunger, but a key point of what we do is give people the opportunity to learn about volunteerism and give back,” says Steve. “The fact that Audrey has learned to serve others at such a young age is a real tribute to her and her parents. We have to give her the opportunity to bring this to her fellow students so that they can lean that giving back can be fun and impact the community as well.”

The United Way of Rome and Floyd County is seeking event sponsors and volunteers. Information can be found on the United Way of Rome & Floyd County’s Facebook page, or call Kelsey Mitchell at 239-776-1699.