A complainant told Bartow County deputies that his ex-girlfriend, 22-year-old Deja Quinelle Heard of White, showed up at his house on Burnt Hickory Road in Cartersville Sunday afternoon and an altercation ensued between Heard and his new girlfriend. Deja Heard was the woman whose 21st birthday celebration in the early morning hours of December 31st 2017 led to what has been dubbed as the ‘Cartersville 70’ incident.

The complainant advised he and his girlfriend had been arguing with Heard via text messages. He stated Heard was making threats to go over to the house and fight and/or talk to him and his girlfriend. The girlfriend admitted she did tell Heard to come over to the house and fight but didn’t think Heard would actually show up. Plus, the girlfriend wasn’t at the house at the time.

When Heard arrived at the house in her black Nissan Altima, the complainant’s father went outside to tell Heard to leave. Shortly afterwards, the current girlfriend arrived, parked her vehicle, and began walking towards the residence. She stopped about five feet from the front of Heard’s car, turned around, and threw her hands in the air. That’s when Heard allegedly struck her with her car, causing injuries to her foot and several superficial abrasions to her arms and hands. The girlfriend stated she was 14 weeks pregnant and Heard knew that.

The boyfriend ran outside, moved his girlfriend out of the way, and tried to get Heard out of the car to stop her from trying to hit his girlfriend again. He stated Heard then drove off through the neighbor’s front yard and felt like she tried to run him over too.

Deputies located Heard and spoke to her. She stated she went to the house to talk to her ex-boyfriend. She said when his father told her to leave, the current girlfriend arrived and blocked her in. She stated the couple started banging on her doors and windows trying to get her out of the car. So, she decided to drive off and struck the girlfriend accidently.

A witness stated she was talking to Heard before the incident and that Heard was very upset. She stated Heard left in a hurry and driving like a crazy person after she told Heard not to go to her ex-boyfriend’s house.

Deputies determined Deja Heard was the primary aggressor and she was placed under arrest for aggravated assault and assault on an unborn child. She was released from the Bartow County Jail on Monday afternoon on a $7,500 bond.