For the second time in weeks 38 year-old John Carl Franklin Krueger of Calhoun is charged with taking money from someone to do work, but failing to complete it.

The latest report stated that Krueger took $7,000 from a 47 year-old man to do home repairs. However, reports added that Krueger never completed the work and purchased wrong materials.

He is also accused of taking $3,000 form a 70 year-old man last October to perform chemney repairs. Police said that after taking the money he never did the work.

Krueger is charged with two counts theft by taking, and exploitation of the elderly.

PREVIOUS March 28 2019

John Carl Franklin Krueger, 38 of Calhoun, was arrested in Rome after he allegedly took money from an elderly woman to fix her porch, but never did so.

Reports said that Krueger was paid $10,000 to fix her porch back on September 12, 2018 but he never performed the work.

Police added that Krueger did, however, cash the woman’s check.

Krueger is charged with theft by taking, exploitation of a disabled or elderly person, theft by taking a motor vehicle and failure to appear.