Two inmates at the Floyd County Jail are facing additional charges after reports said they beat other inmates.

Demonte Dawson, 32 of Rome, is accused of following a 21 year-old inmate from the back to the front of the cell block and began to punch him in the face.  Reports continued to state that Dawson then tossed the man to the ground and begin to stomp on his face and torso.

Dawson has been housed at the Jail since last May after being arrested on multiple drug charges.

A second inmate, Tajai Neal, 19 of Rome, is accused of going to the cell phone of an inmate and toss his mat and linens out of the cell.  He then proceeded to punch the victim in the face and torso.

Neal was arrested after breaking into vehicles around Floyd County and then leading police on a chase.

Both have been charged with battery.