Bartow County deputies were dispatched to Cassville Road at Jordan Road earlier this week in reference to an irate subject stopped in the middle of the road. Upon arrival, they asked Matthew Henderson of Marietta, who was parked with his truck there, to move out of the roadway and he complied.

A witness stated that he was traveling east on West Iron Belt Road when he saw Henderson’s truck stopped in the middle of that roadway near Cassville Road. When he attempted to go around him, Henderson went forward towards the four-way stop. Henderson continued on Iron Belt Road while the complainant turned left onto Cassville Road.

When the complainant turned, he said Henderson stopped, reversed his truck into the middle of the intersection, and got very close behind him on Cassville Road. The complainant then turned left onto Jordan Road, stopped, got out of his vehicle, and angrily asked Henderson what he was doing.

He stated that Henderson started yelling racial slurs and stated he was going to kill him.

A witness who was standing outside his residence on Jordan Road corroborated the complainant’s story.

Matthew Henderson was arrested and charged with terroristic threats and acts.