Devecio Rowland was sentenced to 15 years this week after being found guilty on 107 counts of felony dog fighting and 107 counts of cruelty to animals.

Rowland is also banned from ever owning another dog upon his release in 15 years, at which point he will serve 35 years probation.

A number of the rescued dogs, their owners, animal rights activists, and local law enforcement officers were at the courthouse when the sentence was handed down by Senior Judge Richard Sutton.


Devecio Ranard Rowland was found guilty this week by a Polk County jury on 107 counts of felony dog fighting and 107 counts of cruelty to animals.

Polk County Police Chief Kenny Dodd said it was “the worst case of animal cruelty we’ve ever seen.”

Rowland had been arrested back in 2010 on similar charges, along with three other individuals in an alleged dog fighting ring, but the case was dropped because a material witness in the investigation had died.

Sentencing for Rowland is set for May 15, where he could face a maximum of 642 years in prison.


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Police County Police said Wednesday that they have found an additional 35 dogs tied up an in deplorable condition.  Police said that the latest set of dogs was found at a home on Puckett Road in Cedartown.

Police said that the dogs found on Puckett Road were in bad shape and being abused.



Polk County Police arrested Devecio Ranard Rowland, formerly of the 569 Cashtown Road in Aragon, after 70 dogs were found tied up to trees Monday.

 Reports said that the dogs were found in terrible condition and malnourished.
 Police and Animal Control found the dogs this morning tied up to trees with leads at Rowland’s former residence, which had been foreclosed on. They went out to the property based on a tip.

Police added that the dogs are all pit-based or bulldog-based breeds, and all have been fed and watered since they were found.

Rowland is charged with 70 counts of cruelty to animals.

He was arrested back in 2010 on similar charges that involved four others and a dog fighting ring.