Dakota Joseph Godfrey, 21 of Rome, was arrested on Monday after he allegedly went to two homes on McGrady Road and broke into numerous vehicles, taking the victim’s belongings.

Reports said that Godfrey first went to a home at 226 McGrady Road and entered the victim’s Toyota Tundra.  He is accused of taking a Tom Tom GPS and other items.

He then allegedly drove to 168 McGrady Road and entered a Hyundai Santa Fe and stole a hospital ID badge and the vehicle’s registration card.


Dakota Joseph Godfrey, 21 of Rome,  was arrested after attacking a man and driving while intoxicated.

Reports said that Godfrey punched and damaged the victim’s car window.  Reports continued that Godfrey then hit and kicked the victim before running off of the road.

He was found to be under the influence of drugs and alcohol while being arrested.

Godfrey is charged with criminal trespass, simple battery and pedestrian under the influence of alcohol.