I’ve been called a traitor.  I’ve had friends delete me on Facebook. Heck, my wife has even told me she was going on strike because I have decided to cheer for the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl.

But, c’mon now, everyone knows Georgia isn’t a “pro” sports state.

I am always happy to see the home state pro teams (minus the Braves, I can’t stand them) do well.

But really, how much history is in pro sports in Atlanta? After all, I am a history buff.

Let’s look.

If, when, the Patriots beat Atlanta head coach Bill Belichick will become the first coach in history to WIN five Super Bowls. Heck, the Falcons have only won 9 TOTAL playoff games in 51 years. Two of which came this year.

Falcons fans, seriously, do you know how bad the Patriots organization wants to win this just to slap Roger Goodell with the glove of sweet deflated justice?

With a win Tom Brady will officially end the greatest quarterback in history debate by surpassing Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana with five Super Bowl rings.

Does the city of Atlanta or the state of Georgia DESERVE a championship? Unless it’s in Athens, no.

Think about it.  The city has minimal support for its teams. The organizations keep relying on state of the art stadiums to draw fans to the ball park.

Heck, the Hawks are in the playoffs every year and still have trouble drumming up support for the team.

Did you see the empty seats for the Braves final season last year? Unless, you guessed it, Boston rolled into town it, or people dressed as blue seats the place was like a ghost town.

Heck, what other city in America has lost a pro sports team, twice.  Atlanta had the Flames and Thrashers, who both bolted for Canada because of lack of support.

Did you also know that out of Atlanta’s five professional sports team, and 168 seasons of competition, they have been only able to bring in ONE championship (1995).   And heck, that took playing Cleveland to make that happen.

Ok, but seriously. Look at the stats of the Falcons vs the Patriots. Belichick and Tom Brady are a perfect 4-0 against the Dirty Birds.

Remember the old saying, offense wins games, but defense wins championships?

Five times in the history of the Super Bowl has the top ranked offensive team in the county played the top ranked defensive team. Of those five times, only once has the defense won (Super Bowl XLVIII).   Just in case you were wondering the Falcons are the league’s top ranked offense, and the Pats are the league’s top ranked defense.

Ok, in all seriousness. I am first and foremost a Georgia Bulldog.  Each year I roll with the team that has the most UGA alumni on their roster.

This year that goes to the Patriots who not only have two former Dawgs, but one of my all time favorites: Malcom Mitchell and David Andrews.

At the end of the day, however, there is only ONE that that truely matters this Sunday in the Potts household….  if the right team has the right score on the little square that has “TP” initials in it.

Hey, look at the bright spot, the Braves and Falcons will have awesome new homes next season.