2016 – The Year of Things You’ll Never Hear… Until Now…

Chicago Cubs Fan – “Hey, we are World Champions” and mean it.

Chicago Cubs Fan – “It’s Ok Steve Bartman, we forgive you.”

Cleveland Fans – “Hey we got ours, thanks Labron”.

LSU Tiger fans – “I just love me some Ed Ogeron”

Washington Huskies fans – “Hey! We belong in the playoff picture”

Georgia Bulldog fans – “Hey, its almost basketball season!”

Yes, we are living in strange time’s folks.


I guess we can put some sayings in that are are all accustomed to, eh?

Georgia Bulldog Fan – “Next year is our year!”


However, as for the Georgia thing, I am not ready to throw eggs at Kirby Smart’s house just yet.  Here’s why.

Everyone wants to compare Smart’s first year to Richt’s first year in Athens, but that is so unfair, here’s why.  Richt inherited a team that was enriched with pro football talent.  We are talking about guys like Boss Bailey, Reggie Brown, Nic Clemons, Chris Clemons, Kentrell Curry, Thomas Davis, Terrence Edwards, George Foster, Robert Gathers, Fred Gibson, Tony Taylor,  Charles Grant, Verron Haynes, Randy McMichael, David Pollack, and Odell Thurman. These weren’t just good players, we are talking about Pro-Bowl and NFL Hall of Famer type players.  Kirby got a decent team, but I don’t think anyone on this roster has NFL Hall of Fame potential.

Patience grasshopper.  A top 5 recruiting class next year could do wonders. When you place three of those in a row, I think something magical will happen in the world’s greatest college town.

However, UGA has the 3rd longest bowl streak in all of college football, so I don’t care if we end up in the Red Rider BB Gun Bowl, the Dawgs must get there for me, as a booster, to be somewhat satisfied.

I talked about it a few years ago, but since the Cubs finally reached the pinnacle, let’s look at the longest championship droughts for a sports franchise.


NHL – The Toronto Maple Leafs and the St. Louis Blues are tied at 39 years.

NBA- The Sacramento Kings have the longest drought in the league at 65 years.

MLB – The Cleveland Indians at 68 years.  But have no fear Cleveland, even though you lost to the Cubs, there still is a pro team ahead of ya!

NFL – The Arizona Cardinals at 69 years, which is also now the longest drought in all of sports.


What about cities and their droughts? Smile, Atlanta, you’re not on this list either.

  • 53 years – San Diego since 1963 AFL title (pre-Super Bowl), no World Series title, no NBA title (Clippers relocated to Los Angeles in 1984)
  • 51 years – Buffalo since 1965 AFL title (pre-Super Bowl), no Stanley Cup title since joining NHL in 1970–71, no NBA title (BRaves relocated to San Diego in 1978).
  • 46 years – Vancouver no Stanley Cups since joining NHL in 1970 (The CFL’s BC  Lions have won six Grey Cups, last in 2011), no NBA title (Grizzlesrelocated to Memphis in 2001).
  • 45 years – Milwaukee since 1971 NBA title

Atlanta, you are at 21 years.


So now on to Potts’ Picks for the Week!

Last week I went 6-4, bringing my average down and for a season total 60 and 30. Great if you are a Major League Baseball team, not so good if you are betting in Vegas.

Washington over Cal

Ohio State over Nebraska

Alabama over LSU

Georgia over Kentucky

USC over Oregon

FSU over NC State

Arkansas over Florida

Baylor over TCU

North Carolina over Georgia Tech

Pitt over Miami


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