So after last weekend’s roller coaster of a ball game, I have determined that I am a glutton for punishment.

Never have I witnessed a game go like it did in Athens.

Now, I am sitting in a hotel in Columbia, South Carolina with families that have been pushed from their homes because of a category 4 Hurricane just miles away from us.

Heck, all make the stories we will tell our grand kids right?

At least now there will be football on Sunday that actually means something.

I know it’s a sort write up this weekend, but I’ll have some photos and video comments from folks on Saturday and Sunday about what has transpired this week with the storms and football. Follow me on Twitter to see them @TheTonyPotts

Last week I went 7-3, thus bringing my yearly total to 34-16.

Clemson over Boston College

Stanford over Washington State

Miami over FSU

Washington over Oregon

Alabama over Arkansas

USC over Colorado

Kentucky over Vandy

Texas AM over Tennessee

North Carolina over Virginia Tech

Georgia over South Carolina