Two 17 year-olds, Brandon Wilson and Kvion Ruffin, have pleaded guilty in the murder case of Daniel Leon in Polk County.  The 21 year-old Leon was shot to death at the corner of Thompson and Jones Streets back in October 2015.

Wilson pleaded guilty this week to charges of felony voluntary manslaughter and felony violation of the Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act. He was sentenced to 20 years to serve.

Ruffin was charged with violation of the Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act and received a 5 year sentence, including time already served.


Tyler Davis

Tyler Davis, 18, pleaded guilty recently to the shooting death of 21 year-old Daniel Leon.  Davis pleaded guilty to armed robbery and violation of the Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act, which will carry 10 years in jail and 10 years of probation.

Part of Davis’ deal with the Tallapoosa Circuit District Attorney’s office in offering the guilty pleas also required him to admit his part in Leon’s shooting, and in an earlier burglary case in which he was also sentenced 20 years, with 10 years to serve concurrently with the armed robbery charge.

Davis said that he was part of a group that called themselves the “4-L’s”.

He also admitted that 17-year-old Brandon Wilson shot Leon during the armed robbery.

Wilson, along with 18-year-old Hennessey Frazier, KVion Ruffin, 17, and Thomas Calhoun, 15, all are currently scheduled for trial in August.

All four face felony murder and armed robbery charges.


A fifth suspect has been indicted for the October murder of 21 year-old Cedartown man Daniel Leon. Reports said that K’Vion Ruffin, 17, was arrested in Alabama last month on unrelated charges and is being held pending extradition on the indictments.

Reports said that Ruffin along with Tyler Davis, 18, Brandon Wilson, 17, Hennessey Frazier, 17, and 15 year-old Thomas Calhoun killed Leon during an armed robbery on Thompson Street in Cedartown.

Each are charged with two felony murder counts, based on felony aggravated assault and attempted armed robbery counts , along with three additional counts for each of the charges, based on violations the Georgia Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act.

The five are all charged as adults in the case.