Nick Yarbrough has been named Employee of the Quarter ending June 30, 2016.  Nick is recognized by co-workers as being an “exceptional employee who goes beyond his duties each day.” He is a great addition to the Jail Operations division.

Nick’s dependability and willingness to assist the general public, deputies, jail staff and supervisors is outstanding. Sergeant Yarbrough is noted as one who takes initiative and has a great attitude.

Sgt. Nick Yarbrough was noted by the Employee Recognition Committee as being an employee who exceeds what is expected or required to perform his job.  Sgt.  Nick Yarbrough is noted as “one who leads by example and never back down from any task.”

Sgt. Yarbrough has worked in all divisions; his knowledge has helped numerous officers and deputies as well as other employees that he comes in contact with.  It is said that, “very rarely do you see supervisors taking on roles that deputies and jail officers do.”  This in itself is a testament to Sgt. Yarbrough’s dedication and respect he has for his fellow employees and the job that he does.  Sgt. Yarbrough is an employee who unequivocally takes pride in his work and has been employed with the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office since August 14, 2002.