Clayton County authorities said that a man with Rome ties has been arrested for setting his ex-girlfriend on fire.  Reports said that Mervin Woodard, 39, was arrested late last week hiding in the woman’s attic.

His arrest came following a tip from a neighbor stating that they had say Woodard parked a few blocks away.


According to local law enforcement a man accused of setting his ex-girlfriend on fire in Clayton County could be heading to Rome to hideout.  Reports said that Mervin Woodard set the woman on fire with gasoline Wednesday then drove her to Grady Memorial Hospital where she was taken out of his vehicle.

“He abandoned her at Grady before speaking to staff about her condition,” said Sgt. Ashanti Marbury with the Clayton County Police Department.

Police said to be on the lookout for Woodard who may still be driving the victim’s 2014 Toyota Camry with license plate PXU 8530.

Woodard has been arrested several times in Floyd County over the past few years.  In 2014, he was arrested by Rome Police for being in possession of fake drugs; he also lied to authorities about who he was.  Reports also said that he was arrested last year after taking someone’s car and money.