In 2015, a group of citizens established The Community Foundation For Greater Rome to encourage thoughtful philanthropy in Rome and Floyd County.  The group is now searching for its first project to fund after generating close to $1 million.

According to the organization, “The Foundation provides a flexible and cost effective vehicle for donors to support the causes they care most about while making an impact on the entire community.”

The group started with $100,000 and quickly stated that its goal is to raise $10 million. Half of the money will be in Donor Advised Funds where the person who gives the donation appoints where it goes. The remainder of the money will be appointed by the group’s board of directors.

The group said, “Establishing a fund at The Community Foundation For Greater Rome allows individuals and families to customise their charitable funds without the burden of tax liabilities and administrative tasks associated with setting up a private foundation. We provide an unwavering commitment to honoring the wishes of each donor.”

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