Andricus Lashun Jackson, 28 of Franklin, Georgia, was arrested by Floyd County Sheriff’s Deputies Monday after reports said he slammed a woman’s head into the ground. The woman, Kirsten Breez Knowlton, 22 of Rome, was arrested last week at the scene after police found drugs in her purse.

Reports added that an altercation at the Waffle House on Shorter Avenue last week ended when he destroyed the woman’s cellphone and then slammed her head into the ground.


Kristin Breez Knowlton

An altercation at the West Rome Waffle House resulted in the arrest of a woman and warrants being issued for a man. Reports said that Andricus Lashun Jackson, 28, became engaged in a physical altercation with Kirsten Breez Knowlton, 22 of Rome, and authorities were dispatched.

While questioning Jackson, he told police that he had taken numerous pills.  After running from police, reports said that Jackson became sick.  An ambulance was called and he was taken to a local hospital.

While at the hospital, reports said that Jackson  became combative and as a result he hit his head on a gurney, which caused a cut.

It was there it was determined that he lied to police about his identity and he had an active warrant from Troop County.

When the officer returned he was questioning Knowlton it was discovered that she allegedly lied about her identity and that she had a warrant for her arrest in Heard County.  During a search of the woman’s purse officers found a pipe with suspected meth residue and a blunt with suspected marijuana.

She is charged with possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug related objects and possession of marijuana.

Warrants have been issued for Jackson’s arrest.