Police arrested 25 year-old Cody Lee Barron, Rome, Wednesday and charged him with the stabbing and robbing a man that occurred on Monday. Reports said that Barron and the victim got into an altercation over a woman at a Maple Avenue home. Reports added that Barron allegedly stabbed the victim in the arm twice when he tried to help out in a fight between Barron and his girlfriend.

The victim said that at one point Barron pointed a gun at him and then fired a shot in the air. He added at that point he was able to knock the gun out of Barron’s hand. It was then Barron grabbed a knife and stabbed him.

Reports went on to say that Barron then picked up the gun and took the victim’s wallet, which contained $843 in cash, and his cell phone before running into the woods.

Barron is charged with possession of a firearm or knife during the commission of a crime, battery, reckless conduct, robbery and aggravated assault.