Gordon County deputy sheriffs recently responded to three reports of residential burglaries in central Gordon County in the areas of Dews Pond / Red Bud. In all instances, the burglars had forced entry by breaking open doors or windows. Detectives along with the Sheriff’s Crime Scene Unit responded to the burglaries as well, interviewing witnesses and collecting physical evidence. The burglars targeted firearms and jewelry. In one incident, detectives believe that the burglars were frightened away by an in-home alarm system.

Another  burglary was also reported as having been interrupted by a homeowner a short distance inside Whitfield County near Resaca in the same time span. In that instance, the homeowner provided descriptions of both the suspects as well as their vehicle. Following leads throughout the day, detectives requested and received wide-scale automobile registration information from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s Intelligence Unit.

Gordon County detectives were quickly able to narrow the list of suspects with this information and broadcast a “lookout” to all state and local law enforcement officers for the suspects and vehicle, believed to be in the Dalton / Tunnel Hill area.

Meanwhile, undercover Gordon County deputies established surveillance on a house near Tunnel Hill where the suspects had been seen. About 5:30 p.m., the undercover deputies observed the suspect vehicle, a maroon Toyota ‘Sienna‘ mini-van with a ‘drive-out’ tag, in the area, and the Gordon County officers followed this automobile into nearby Catoosa County where they stopped it and detained the driver and passenger.

The investigation is still very active.

Investigating officers have reason to believe that the suspects, who are all from Whitfield County, are involved in several recent burglaries here, as well as in neighboring jurisdictions. A portion of the stolen property has been recovered. The driver and passenger of the van are in jail for suspicion of burglary, and warrants have been issued for two other defendants. The names of the defendants will be withheld until formal charges are filed and/or all defendants are in custody.

Anyone who has seen a maroon Toyota ‘Sienna’ mini-van with a ‘drive-out’ tag in Gordon County in the past 4 weeks is urged to call the Sheriff’s Detective Division at 706-629-1244.