A Thursday morning police chase down Alabama Highway ended with the death of the suspect in western Floyd County. Reports said that the chase began after police received a call that a person pulled a gun on someone at the Royal Inn on Martha Berry Boulevard around 3 am. The suspect, identified as Darrius Campbell, then fled and police began a chase down Shorter Avenue. Police said that Campbell then reversed his direction and started to drive on the wrong side of the road. It was then the car crashed into a Jeep at the Mays Bridge Road intersection, causing it to catch on fire, and resulting in the suspect`s death.

Police said that speeds reached over 120 miles per hour while going down SHorter Avenue and Alabama Highway

They added that the crash resulted in several power lines being knocked down before the vehicle came to rest in the yard of a vacant house.

There were no other injuries reported.

Floyd County Police issued a statement that said, `Captain Lively, immediately ran to the suspect, however could not see inside the vehicle because of the tinted windows and damage to the car when it wrecked. As Captain Lively was standing in the front of the vehicle he heard one muffled gunshot from inside the vehicle.`

Rome Police Officers and Captain Lively both gave verbal command to the suspect, but with no response. Due to the vehicle doors being locked, Officers had to break the rear windows of the vehicle to gain entry because the vehicle was beginning to catch on fire and officers needed to verify the welfare of the suspect.

Once inside the vehicle, officers determined the suspect had an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound and a small caliber handgun was located inside the car as well. Medical personnel and Coroner were dispatched to the scene to assist.