Rebeccah Jane Rivera Duke, 32 of Rome, was arrested this week after reports said she violated  court order to stay away from another person when she contacted them via text messages.

Duke is charged with aggravated stalking.


Rebeccah Jane Rivera Duke, 35 of Rome, was arrested this week after reports said she allowed her three children to live in a home covered in filth and unsafe conditions.

Officers stated that they observed a strong ammonia smell, mold growing in the bathroom, dirty dishes and a refrigerator covered in an “unknown substance.”   They added that bags of items were staked all throughout the Skyline Drive.

Reports went on to say that Duke also struck a 14 year-old with a hanger leaving visible marks.

Police added that multiple animals were also found inside the home living in the same unsanitary conditions.  One of the animals allegedly lost use of an eye due to Duke’s care.

Duke is charged with second degree cruelty to children, three counts cruelty to children in the third degree, battery, aggravated cruelty to animals, and cruelty and two counts cruelty to animal.