Two Romans, Tyler Michael Zacher, 22, and Jayden Patrick Fiorito, 20, who were arrested for a shooting earlier this week has now been charged with murder after allegedly stealing a gun from the Swan Lake Comminity.

Reports said that Brandson Long, 19 of Rome, was shot in the pelvic area in the Shannon Community and later died as the result of his injuries.

Reports said that events of the evening began when the men allegedly stole a firearm from a vehicle at a home in the Swan Lake Community.  Also stolen was a RFMTF black badge, sunglasses, laptop, hard drive and a backpack, all valued at $1,576.

 Both Zacher and Fiorito are accused of lying about the events that resulted in the shooting.


Per Floyd County Police:

Primary Narrative By DONALD HOLBROOK, 06/24/24 20:39

On June 23, 2024 I did interview Jayden Fiorito at Floyd Medical Center at approximately 2300 hrs along with Sgt Wade. Jayden stated they had went camping that evening in the area of Shannon village. According to him, they left from Swan Lake with a friend of Brandson Long’s to go to the village. He stated he did not know the male they drove with, but they drove in a white Nissan car that belonged to a friend of Brandson’s. He stated while in the woods Brandson had the gun in his front waist band and was going to pull it out and mess with it. He stated he did not want Brandson playing with the gun because he, Jayden, was not supposed to be around weapons. He said he went to grab for the gun as Brandson pulled it out of his waistband and the gun fired off. He said the bullet went through his hand and into Brandson. He stated all that Brandson said was “fuck”. After this happened he stated that the three of them, which included Tyler Zacher, went to get out of the woods to get medical attention. He said initially Brandson was able to walk, but his leg gave out and Tyler and him had to drag him out of the woods. He said that Tyler called a female,

Abigail Thurman, to come and pick them up. He said she met them at the roadway. Due to what appeared to have been a quick arrival time for Abigail, I asked where she had came from and if they .had to wait for her or if she was already there. He appeared to be uncertain of what had taken transpired at that point. He did state they walked Brandson about 15 minutes out of the woods to the roadway where they met her.

I asked if Jayden was aware of where the firearm had came from and he stated he did not know. He did indicate that on this date it was the first time he had seen him with that specific gun.

This call had initially transpired after Tyler, Abigail, Brandson and Jayden went to the fire department at 152 Burlington cir in reference to the injuries from the shooting. They arrived in Abigail’s vehicle. Brandson and Jayden were

both transported to Atrium Medical Center for their injuries. Abigail was transported to the Floyd County Police Department by Ofc Flippo and Tyler was transported to the department by Ofc Bray.

It was later found that statements made by Jayden were false in reference to the location of the incident, how they arrived at the incident location and that he had stated the gun was left where the actual shooting had taken place. The gun had taken from the scene of the shooting by a female reported to be Abigail’s sister in law and thrown into the woods next to a church on Shannon Circle connector. The handgun was recovered on June 24, 2024 by investigators.

Supporting/Supplemental Narrative By CHRISTOPHER DUTTON, 06/25/24

On June 23, 2024 at approximately 9:22pm I was dispatched to Fire Station 9 located at 152 Burlington Rd, in reference to a gunshot victim being on scene at that location.

Once on scene there were four individuals present. Brandson Long who was unresponsive due to a gunshot wound in the pelvic and in care of fire and EMS. Jayden Fiorito who also had a gunshot wound to his left hand. Tyler Zacher who was present when the incident took place. And Abbigail Thurman who was said to have located the three men walking down the road needing help.

Jayden and Tyler advised me that they were in the woods close to the dirt bike track in Shannon Village. They advised that Branson had a gun and pulled it out from his waistband and at this time Jayden tried to grab the firearm. When Jayden tried to grab the firearm the firearm discharged striking him in the left hand exiting his hand, then striking Branson in the pelvic area.

Abbigail advised me that she did not know the three men, but located them walking down the road needing help so she picked them up and took them to Fire Station 9 for help. Jayden and Branson were taken to Atrium Health Floyd to be treated medically. Tyler and Abbigail were taken to the police station for further investigation. I was advised by Sgt. Holbrook to ride with Jayden to Atrium Health via ambulance and stay with him until instructed otherwise.

Prior to Jayden being released by the hospital I was advised to place him under arrest for obstruction of law enforcement with other pending charges. Ooce Jayden was treated and cleared by the hospital I placed him under arrest. Jayden was then escorted to the Floyd county jail with no further incident.

Both men are now facing changes of murder, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, felony theft by taking, entering an automobile with the intent to commit a theft, false statements and writings, obstruction, and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime.