The Floyd County Police Department is issuing a crucial reminder to residents to prioritize the security of their vehicles and valuables. In the span of this year alone, there have been 30 reported instances of vehicle entry and 14 cases of vehicle theft within the county’s jurisdiction.

Of significant concern is the theft of firearms from these vehicles, with 11 firearms reported stolen from those that were unlawfully accessed. Regrettably, some of these stolen firearms have been traced to their use in further criminal activities.

In light of these incidents, the Floyd County Police Department urges all community members to take proactive measures to safeguard their vehicles by ensuring they are locked and valuables are stored out of sight. This collective effort plays a pivotal role in enhancing community safety and preventing further incidents of theft and firearm-related crimes.

Again, the Floyd County Police urges everyone to secure their vehicle, remove all keys (including home key) and remove all valuables, especially your firearms.   

For further information or to report suspicious activity, please contact the Floyd County Police Department at 706-235-7766

Together, let’s work towards a safer and more secure Floyd County.