Mierica Desionee Ferrell, 29 of Rome, was arrested this week after she threatened to kill a police officer while being arrested for being drunk and disorderly.

Reports said that police were called to the Raceway store on Shorter Avenue after Ferrell cursed at store clerks when they refused to sell her alcohol.  Authorities went on to say that she then refused to leave the store when asked to do so by police.  While being placed under arrest, Ferrell repeatedly pulled away from police.  On the way to the jail, she is then accused of repeatedly kicking the patrol car’s door.

Once inside the jail, Ferrell was found with marijuana.  She also made numerous threats that she was going to kill the arresting officer in the jail intake.

Ferrell is charged with public drunk, obstruction, disorderly conduct, intimidating of law enforcement by force/threatening action,  obstruction, possession of marijuana, and crossing the guard line with drugs.