According to Sheriff Jeff Shaver, deputies and investigators conducted a warrant round up in Alexis, Centre, Bomar, and Mt. Wisner communities on Wednesday.  As a result of the operation, ten individuals were arrested for UPOCS, UPODP, court orders, and FTAs. A total of 18 warrants were executed, along with two new drug charges. 

Those arrested include: Emily Cowser, 24, was arrested for FTA- DV 3rd. Roberto Abernathy, 43, was arrested for FTA-UPOCS, FTA-UPODP, and FTA Burglary 3rd. Christina Evans, 35, and Thomas Williams III,48, were arrested for FTA-traffic offenses. Marvin Burns,56, was arrested for non support. April Hooper was arrested for FTA-Liqor possession for Rainsville PD. Amanda Boyong was arrested for FTA traffic offense for Calhoun County. Fredrick Diamond,43, was arrested for TOP 3rd. Additional warrants were signed for UPOCS on Dawson Blackledge, 23, and Emily Cowser ,24, for UPOCS and UPODP. 

Mugshots for the arrests may be found on our website,