The playground at Peek Park is officially closed. The closure will last from today, December 27, until the new playground is complete (March 2024).

You can read more about the playground project here: or keep scrolling below ???? And just a reminder, if you want to purchase a picket or brick for the new playground, get your orders placed before January 10. Purchase online at

More than two decades have passed since the current play structure at Peek Park was constructed. The volunteers that worked together to build that playground have enjoyed watching their children, maybe even their grandchildren, benefit from healthy outdoor play.The 20-plus years of smiles and laughter provided by the current playground are coming to a close. This playground has long outlived it’s service to our smallest residents. It’s time for a different group of volunteers to step up and create a new playground for another generation.

This 2.0 Version of the Peek Park playground is everything we loved about the old one but includes play spaces and places that were relatively unheard of back in the 1990s. Composite wood means this structure will age slowly (and no splinters!). ADA accessibility is at the forefront of design, ensuring all children of all abilities can have a blast at our playground. A separate Tot Lot gives a safe and age-appropriate spot for the littlest of the littles to explore. Open sight lines gives parents and caretakers an easy way to keep an eye on the older kids while letting them enjoy a little freedom.What do you want to see on your playground? Zip-lines, twisty slides, teeter-totters and “spinny things” were at the top of the list when we interviewed over 300 local elementary age students. It’s our goal to make that happen! We also tipped our hat to some of Cedartown’s most notable downtown architecture and features in the design as well. We can not wait to reveal this new playground to the public and we would love for you to be a part of this exciting new chapter in our community’s history.