Two men were charged with second-degree burglary last week after they stole some electrical wiring from a building in Summerville.  According to a report from the Summerville Police Department,  the two men were caught after a Summerville Police Officer reported two trash bags full of stripped wiring that were found on Rainbow Trail in Summerville. 

Officers spoke with thirty-two-year-old Tracy Alan Maples who told officers that he picked up twenty-four-year-old Kirby Mackenzie Reed and the two went to the old Mexican restaurant on Commerce Street that Larry Wilson uses for his electrical business.  Maples said that Reed forced the door open and they took the wiring.  Maples said that Reed was supposed to give him $40 he needed for gas and insulin for helping to “pilfer” the wiring.

When officers spoke with Reed, he admitted that he had “done something stupid”.  But Reed’s story was that Maples had told him he was “bored” and suggested the two go “pilfering”, and that it was Maples that had entered the building and stole the wire.

Both men were arrested and charged with burglary, criminal trespass, and theft by taking regulated metals and were booked into the Chattooga County Jail.