Pepperell High School seniors Riley Allen and Katie Hennon have been named finalists for the QuestBridge National College Match scholarship program. 

The National College Match is a college admission and scholarship process through which students can be admitted early with full four-year scholarships to some of the nation’s top colleges and universities. 

Through the program and application process, students highlight their unique story to stand out in the college admissions process. In the fall, QuestBridge selects top applicants as finalists and students are able to rank up to 15 colleges to be “matched” – admitted early with a Match Scholarship – to the college that appears highest on their list and also wants to match with them. Finalists who do not match or choose not to rank colleges can use the QuestBridge application to apply to our college partners through other early and regular decision opportunities.

With this, Allen and Hennon will now continue the application process and requirements to be considered for early admission and a full, four-year Match Scholarship that is worth over $200,000.