Levon Evelyn Ward, 71 of Aragon, was arrested this week after reports said she tried to smuggle drugs into the Floyd County Prison.

Reports said that Ward assisted Damien Jamal Harris in getting methamphetamine, marijuana and tobacco to a location off Minshew Mountain Road in July for inmates to get.

Police said that Harris was an associate of Chansler Jordan, who was an inmate at the Floyd County Prison. Jordan is accused of funding the drug deal along with fellow inmate Alexis Martinez. An arrest warrant for Harris has also been issued.

Ward was then given 25.75 grams of meth, 106.8 grams of marijuana, and three pounds of tobacco to leave at the drop spot.

Communications were recorded at the prison which allowed for authorities to intercept the items which was left under a mowing deck of a tractor.

Both Jordan and Martinez, as well as another inmate, have been transferred to other facilities and are facing additonal charges.

Ward is charged with items prohibited by an inmate.