After  (yet another) hotly contested debate involving the Rome City Commission, Peaches on Broad Street saw its liquor pouring license reinstated.

The move came following the recommendation to reinstate the license by the Rome Alcohol Control Commission.   The ACC also recommended that the establishment be allowed to use concert ticket sales as part of their 50/50 drink to food ratio.

The move came following a heated debate between Commissioners Jamie Doss and Mark Cochran.

Doss made a motion to place a mandatory closing time on Peaches at midnight, instead of the standards 2 am.   The motion, if passed, would have also meant that other establishments that fall under the same guidelines (Old Havana and Alibi Prohibition Lounge) would have to close at midnight as well.

This came just minted after Alibi Prohibition Lounge was granted permission by the commission to stay open until 2 a.m.

Doss said that he felt like all businesses that sell anything but food and do not meet the food-to-drink ratio should close at midnight.

Cochran is quoted by WRGA radio to tell Doss, “But you’ve linked two things that are their own separate entities.. If you are going to start doing that, I guess we are going to start acting like Congress in Washington D.C. and start throwing crap in every amendment that we have.”

Doss responded to Cochran saying, “I think you’re out of order.”

Doss did not get the support for his motion.

Commissioner Craig McDaniel agreed with Cochran saying that it would be unfair for buildings that are ran by the government (Forum) to be treated any differently than those owned by tax paying business owners.

Commissioners Jim Bojo, Mark Cochran, Bill Collins, Craig McDaniel and Sundai Stevenson voted in favor of Peaches getting their license back while Commissioners Elaina Beeman, Doss, and Randy Quick voted no.  Commissioner Bonny Askew abstained from the vote.

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