Logan Knight woke up one morning last November unable to formulate sentences or see clearly, he was rushed from his home in Rome to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite.

He was admitted to the PICU where they did and MRI and Logan was diagnosed with Medulloblastama, his condition was considered high risk. He had surgery to remove the cancer from his brain and spent two weeks at Scottish Rite to recover in the PICU.

Throughout the rest of the year, Logan spent the next couple of months at the hospital on and off as he completed rounds of chemo and proton treatments.

He finally rang the bell on August 6th to signify the end of his chemo treatments and was finally able to return home to Rome. Logan and his family were greeted by their neighbors, family and friends all welcoming him home.

Local law enforcement led a car parade around the neighborhood, people held signs welcoming Logan home.