A 2nd person has been arrested following a nearly deadly knife fight on Dean Avenue. Bobby Dustin Lindsey, 37 of Rome, was arrested after being released from a hospital from his treatment of nearly life-threatening injuries.

Officers said that while responding to a call back on August 12th, they arrived on scene and saw Lindsey on the ground with stab wounds.

Investigators later spoke with a witness that said Frost had brought her (the witness) to the location for her birthday.  Later, Lindsey asked Charles Lee Frost (read story below) to step outside where an argument ensued.  It was then Lindsey pulled a knife on Frost.  Frost then proceeded to go back inside the establishment and get a knife of his own.  The verbal altercation became physical and Frost stabbed Lindsey twice, once in the chest and again in the stomach.

Lindsey is charged with aggravated assault.


Charles Lee Frost, 32 of Aragon, was arrested this week after stabbing another man during an altercation on Dean Avenue in Rome.

Reports said that the victim called Frost to come outside a business where the two began to have an argument . While outside the victim allegedly pulled a knife on Frost.  It was at that point, Frost went back inside the business and grabbed a knife.

As the two began to fight, Frost stabbed the victim in the chest and stomach.

Police added that the victim had long silver pliers that he attempted to attack Frost with during the dispute.

Frost is charged with aggravated assault.