Earlier this year, WZQZ News reported that Chattooga County ranks fifth-worse in the state when it comes to the county’s bridges.  Bridges are ranked on a scale-system that takes in several factors about the bridge’s components.

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) uses a Good-Fair-Poor bridge condition measure. A bridge earns a “Good” rating if the lowest rating of its key components is 7 or above. A “Fair” rating for 5 or 6. And a “Poor” if it falls at 4 or below. Notably, the definition of “structurally deficient” bridges has evolved. It now encompasses any component of a bridge in poor or worse condition.

Georgia has it’s share of poor bridges, but the FHWA says that one in three bridges in the United States is in need of repair – highlighting the need for infrastructure spending across the country.

Chattooga County has a number of bridges that are listed as “structurally deficient” by the Georgia Department of Transportation.  There are 114 bridges in the county and of those, there are 23 in need of repair or corrective action.  One bridge, over Selman Creek near the Gore Fire Hall, has been closed.

Here is a map of the bridges in Chattooga County that need corrective action, according to state officials: