A thirty-six-year-old woman was arrested this week after she was found walking around a neighborhood in Summerville and walking through people’s yards. 

When police responded to a call about the woman, she was unable to tell officers who she was, where she was going or where she lived.  Officers believed the woman to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  The woman finally told an officer that she was “Elena Gilbert” – a character from “Vampire Diaries”. 

When asked by the officer if that was who she was claiming to be, the woman replied, “Yea, I am the main vampire”.  Officers arrested the woman and were not able to establish an identity until they fingerprinted her at the Chattooga County Jail. 

They discovered the woman was Brittany Michelle Schrader. 

Officers also found drug paraphernalia inside the woman’s bra.  She was charged with giving a false name to officers, public drunkenness and obstruction of law enforcement.