Mark Kenneth Swanson, 56 of Rome, was arrested this week after reports said he knowingly disrupted a Floyd County Board of Commissioners meeting.

According to the video, Swanson refused to follow the Commission rules of speaking for 3:00.  Swanson cited his constitutional rights for a longer period.

Swanson had earlier requested longer to speak but his request was denied.

Swanson had to be forcibly removed from the chambers by Floyd County Police Department after being asked to sit down numerous times.

Swanson, a former president of Northside Bank, and Alfa Insurance agent has gone on record recently about election fraud and issues with  Floyd County‚Äôs open record request.

Click to watch video of the incident. (Start video at 4:20)

Swanson is charged with the disruption of lawful meetings, gatherings or processions.