The Floyd County Police Department arrested four individuals, Katherine Louis Rymer, 59, Joseph Benjamin South III, 42, Eric Robert Hardy, 38, and Tiffany Hope Fortenberry, 36, all of Rome were arrested on over a half dozen child cruelty charges.

Reports said that officers found seven children, ages 4-15, living in a home of extreme filth.

The home was found to be covered in animal feces and urine.   Officers added that they also found soiled clothing and trash around the home.

The children shared five mattresses that were also covered in animal feces. 

The home allegedly smelled of ammonia to the point that one of the officers became sick.

Reports went on to say that school officials repeatedly had to have the children change clothing due to stench on several occasions.

They were all taken into custody at their home on Hill Drive.  

All four suspects are charged with seven counts of cruelty to children in the 2nd degree and seven counts of contributing to the deprivation of a child resulting in serious injury or death.