After a little over a week of searching, Floyd County authorities have captured Eric Virta, 27 of Kingston, who was wanted for a shooting that occurred on December 18th.

Reports said that Virta attempted to get a 28 year-old man to fight him due to a verbal altercation outside a home on Brewer Road. Virta proceeded to shove the victim’s father into a porch rail before going into the home and retrieving an AR15 assault rifle.

Virta then unloaded the riffle toward the driveway with complete disregard of anyone’s safety. He then threatened to take his own life while pointing the gun at himself. He proceeded to tell the victims that he would shoot the police when they arrived.

As another victim arrived on the scene, Virta pointed the gun at him.

When police arrived, Virta ignored commands to stop and then proceeded to flee the scene.

Virta was captured Thursday when he was seen sitting on a porch on Fulton Road.

Virta has been charged with aggravated assault, simple battery, pointing a gun at another, two counts terroritic threats and acts, possession of a firearm by convicted felon, possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, reckless conduct, theft by taking, simple assault and obstruction of law enforcement.


According to Floyd County Police, numeous law enforcement agencies have been dispatched to Brewer Road in the Johnson community following shooting of a gun Sunday afternoon.

Floyd County Police confirmed that despite the suspect, Eric Virta, 27 of Kingston, firing a gun, noone was shot in the altercation.

Virta has been held up in an area near the home.

Virta has a history of domestic abuse and drug usage. Click links below to view previous stories .

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