Rome police has launched an investigation of over $100,000 stolen from United Community Bank on Second Avenue.

Police said that they were called to the bank last week following a man opening an account and depositing $100 on October 4th. The man opened the account under the name of Donald Wayne Cole.   

On October 24th, Cole deposited a business check that was written for $153,956.25 .

Two days later, Cole withdrew $10,000 and did a wire transfer in an unknown amount allegedly for “construction materials” to an individual named Valerie C. Howard of Madison, Ill.

Then on October 27, Cole returned  to the bank and attempted to withdraw  $10,000 withdrawal.  When he then attempted to make a wire transfer the bank teller grew suspicious and denied the transaction. She then proceeded to notify the bank’s security/fraud division of attempted fraud.

On November 2nd, the bank manager was notified that the check was fraudulent, having been stolen, and would be returned.

Police reports state that the bank lost $115,529.90.

Police added that they are using surveillance footage of the suspect to police.